SUBMERGED(Pumps, Guide Bearings, Mixers, Dye Rools, Bleaching and Washing Tanks)

GRAPHALLOY is not soluble in most industrial liquids. GRAPHALLOY Bushings are used in water, hydrocarbon, chemical and fuel oil pumps, meters, mixers and rotary filters. GRAPHALLOY is also used extensively for submerged bushings in cleaning fluids, weak acids and alkalies. The textile dyeing and paper/pulp industries employ many GRAPHALLOY Bushings.

Pump applications include guyide, foot, line shaft and bowl busings for vertical pumps. Users and OEMs are specifying GRAPHALLOY for casing rings in horizontal pumps where peak performance is required. The CO2 pipe line pumps use GRAPHALLOY Casing Rings to reduce clearance and to boost efficiency. Refineries extended from weeks to years.

Grooves are often specified on the ID of submerged busings so that the gritty material may be washed away from the bearing surface. In especially severe applications, clean water or pumpage can be injected into the busing.

In the paper/pulp industries, GRAPHALLOY has been saving maintenence dollars in bull screens, lime conveyors, washers, mixers, scrap burners, bleach tanks, Fourdriniers and pumps. In short, anywhere that bearings are subjected to difficult operating conditions.


HIGH TEMPERATURE(Ovens, Dryers, Conveyors, Steam Turbines, Kiln Cars, pumps)

GRAPHALLOY is especially useful in applications where the temperatures are too high to permit the use of oil or other lubricants. GRAPHALLOY does not soften at high temperature or extrude under load. Our standard grades are suitable for temperatures to 750o F in air (1800 F in non-oxidizing atmospheres). If your applications require service above 750o F in air, our engineers will discuss our high temperature grades.

GRAPHALLOY can operate dry, or water/steam can be used to maintain it in its working temperature range. The combination of GRAPHALLOY and water/steam as lubricant is far more economical then trying to lubricae bronze or other material with grease.

GRAPHALLOY Seals are particularly well suited for high temperature applications such as steam turbing packing rings. In these installations, the life of GRAPHALLOY can be six to eight times that of conventional materials. This has resulted in important maintenance savings.


ROOM TEMPERATURES (Textile, Paper, Food, Instruments)

GRAPHALLOY Bushings eliminate the need for oil or grease lubrication in many ambient temperature applications. This is particularly important in the textile, paper and food industries, because GRAPHALLOY contains no oil to contaminate the product.

In the Textile Industry, oil lubrication collects abrasive lint and fibres. These particles work into the oil lubricated busings to wear away the bushing and shaft. GRAPHALLOY does not attract the lint. GRAPHALLOY Bushings have run years without attention.

GRAPHALLOY is sued in critically high-speed applications where long life and low wear rates are important (dental drills, seals). GRAPHALLOY also eliminates the oil drag found in miniature oil-lubricated busings. GRAPHALLOY Pistons and Piston Rings are used in air compressors, eliminating oil and oil contamination.


LOW TEMPERATURES(Cryogenic Applications, Pumps for Liquid Gases)

GRAPHALLOY Bushings are suitable for low temperature applications because there is no lubrication to congeal or solidify. GRAPHALLOY is used in pumps pumping liqid gases such as oxygen where oil contamination is a problem. GRAPHALLOY will not mix with the liquid gases. It maintains its lubricating qualities over a wide temperature range.



GRAPHALLOY Bushings have been used for loads as high as 2,000 psi. In applications where there is vibration or high load, grease is forced out of grease-lubricated busings, resulting in metal-to-metal contact. Solid GRAPHALLOY solves this problem. Dimensionally stable, GRAPHALLOY will not creep under load.

GRAPHALLOY has been used in turbine guide bearings and in turbine safety busings. Safety busings prevent damage to the turbine vanes when the oil supply is lost. The GRAPHALLOY Bearing is designed to carry the load when the oil film is lost.



GRAPHALLOY Busings are used to conduct current n packaging machines, radar rotary joints, and welding equipment. GRAPHALLOY Bushings have been employed in radar relays where ball bearings or needle bearings had become pitted and inoperative due to the passage of high frequency currents. GRAPHALLOY Bushings provide current paths for signal and power applications. The positive grounding provided by GRAPHALLOY Bushings is essential in munitions plants. A food wrapping machine uses GRAPHALLOY bearings to conduct power to roll heaters.