GRAPHALLOY Simplifies Maintenance

Damper bearings have always caused maintenance headaches due to heat and poor lubrication practices. Changing to dry, gum-up and hardening expected when using grease and oil at higher temperatures. At one installation, the switch to GRAPHALLOY flange blocks resulted in maintenance-free operation for more than two years.

GRAPHALLOY Survives Loss of Suction

Boiler Feed pumps for industrial steam generators are frequently subjected to loss of suction flow during transients. Pumps fitted with metal and plastic wear parts fail in a few minutes of dry running, while those fitted with GRAPHALLOY survive and resume pumping when flow returns without wear parts damage.


Washedpulp is fed through screw conveyors into storage tanks. The split hanger bearings which support these screws are submerged in high consistency stock and attacked by the chemicals and heat. GRAPHALLOY provides superior performance in this continuous duty application. It is not affected by caustics, does not deform under load, and maintains dimensional stability. At one tissue mill, GRAPHALLOY bearings lasted four times longer than plastic bearings.

GRAPHALLOY Reduces Vibration

Excessive shaft vibration is often the root cause of repetitive mechanical seal failures in process pumps. Using non-galling, close clearance GRAPHALLOY throat bushings reduces the vibration levels-thereby improving rotor stability, and resulting in fewer seal and frame bearing failures. As an added benefit, the tight shaft to bushing clearance reduces flush water consumption.

GRAPHALLOY Increases Equipment Life

Stock agitator bushings frequently run dry because of changing liquid levels. The ability of GRAPHALLOY to operate in these constantly changing wet to dry conditions as well as resist caustic and acidic chemcal attack will significantly extend the time between equipment shut downs. At one mill, life was more than tripled with a cost savings of $40,000 annually in parts and labor.

GRAPHALLOY Operates at High Temperatures

The conveyro that moves the hot lime from the kiln to storage needs return roller pillow blocks with bearings that can survive temperatures above the rating of grease lubricants.GRAPHALLOY material can meet this need up to 750o F as complete assemblies or replacement bushings.

GRAPHALLOY Requires No Lubrication

Pillow block bushings in precipitator drag conveyor systems are exposed to the hot, corrosive environment of salt cake ash. Because it requires no oil and grease, GRAPHALLOY does not attract or hold these abrasive particulates and eliminates seizure caused by metal-to-metal contact. It is the preferred material for this application.

GRAPHALLOY Delivers Reliable Operation

Header gluing machines run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This continuous operatin requires low maintenance, long life components. GRAPHALLOY self-lubricating pillow blocks assure this along with the capability to operate in the 400o F environment of the air relese systems.