Oilless self lubricated bearing / bushes with solid lubricants # OILLESS 600

OILLLES #600 is a self lubricating bearing without any other lubricants, and solid lubricants are filled in micro spiracles which have been formed during special casting process in base metal. The bearaing mainly consists of copper alloy with addition of aluminum , iron, etc, which controls generation of crystals in solidification. This process develops fine shrinkage pores or disc shaped pores for trapped gas. The base metal is this porous copper alloy casting. The base metal is then impregnated with grade lubricant, resulting in the bearing product.

  • Superior to corrosion resistance and self-lubrication.
  • Remarkable performance can be obtained under high speed, light load conditions.
  • The number of lubricating times times can be reduced to about one six of that required for a gun metal bearing.
  • Every size and form can be produced as much as possible working up in casting and mechanic processing