• Where labor - Saving by Non - lubrication is required :- Lathes, milling machines, saws, grinders, transfer machines, machining centers, drills and other industrial machines.

  • Where Squeak Prevention or Smooth Operation is Desired :- Brake, steering suspensions, clutches and transmissions, all for automobiles, forklifts and motor cycles; automatic doors for train coaches and department stores; car doors and conveyors.

  • Where Starting and Stopping for Reciprocating motion, Rocking and Revolutions are performed frequently:- Robots, table lifters, generators, planters, movers, sprayers, combined agrimotors, rice polishers, thrashers, manure feeders, bulldozers.

  • Where prevention of Oil pollutionn or Contamination is Required:- Sewing machines, textile machines, food processing machines, cleaning machines, printing machines, automatic packers, automatic fillers, meat choppers, leather working machine, automatic sorters.

  • Where Lubricating is Difficult or Impossible :- Fans, automatic vending machines, drainage pumps, computer peripherals, terminal equipment, copiers, recorders, projectors, washing machines, knitting machines.