During operation, GRAPHALLOY bushings deposit a thin film of GRAPHALLOY on the shaft. This thin film supplies lubrication which is maintained for years of continuous operation. (No oil is required)

Extremly Durable

GRAPHALLOY busings have been in continuous service on many applications for ten to twenty years without replacement. Their dependability has been thoroughly demonstrated.

No Fumes

Operating at the recommended temperatures and loads, GRAPHALLOY bushings do not produce fumes or odors which migh injure or contaminate food products. They can be used with confidence where oil or other lubricant might cause adulteration.

Low and High Temperature Operation

GRAPHALLOY bushings are in regular use at temperatures as high as 750o F and as low as the temperature of liqid helium. At such high temperatures, most oils tend to carbonize or solidify; and to thicken at low temperatures.

Fire Preventive

GRAPHALLOY bushings are invaluable for use where oil might ignite or where sparks might cause explosion.

Low Coefficient of Friction

GRAPHALLOY bushings have a constant and low coefficient of friction. This coefficient changes little with use because GRAPHALLOY is not a surface treatment. GRAPHALLOY contains nothing to dry out or to become viscous or gummy.


GRAPHALLOY busings operate extremly well in fresh or salt water, gasoline, jet fuels, cleaning fluids, solvents, bleaches, caustic solutions, dyes, hydrocarbons, liquid gases, and most chemicals where ordinary busings would corrode or seize. GRAPHALLOY does not swell.

Low Coefficient of Expansion

Because they are composed of a large proportion of graphite, GRAPHALLOY bushings hae a coefficient of linear thermal expansion about one-half of steel. Accordingly, a GRAPHALLOY busing will not seize the shaft when the temperature is reduced to extremly low values.

High Speeds

speeds to 200,000 RPM have been attained with air or gas lubrication.

High Loads

Where grease would be squeezed out or vibrated out, GRAPHALLOY remains in place and does not cold flow.

Linear Motion

Linear motion wipes away oil or grease lubrication and collects contaminants. GRAPHALLOY stay in place and lubricates.


The thin film of GRAPHALLOY deposited on the shaft inhibits corrosion of the shaft.